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Carolina Basement Construction

Tri-City Contractors’ years of experience and knowledge in the concrete construction of basements has resulted in a positive contribution to many beautiful and structurally sound homes in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill regions of North Carolina. Our poured concrete walls provide the homebuilder and their customers with stronger, drier, better basements that offer performance that concrete block walls simply can't match.

Basement construction with concrete walls will increase the value of your homes while simultaneously increasing your speed and efficiency, leaving you with a steady stream of satisfied homeowners. Increased density and joint free construction of poured concrete walls offers twice the fire resistance than a hollow core block wall. Also, concrete foundations are resistant to rot, decay, rodents, termites, and fungi.

All of Tri-City Contractors’ foundations are fully engineered solid concrete walls.


- Rebar steel is used extensively in both the footings and the basement walls to insure proper resistance to soil   pressures and to control concrete shrinkage.

- All footings,from the garage down to the walkout are poured continuously.

- Foundations and retaining walls are then poured as one unit.

This method of basement construction provides excellent structural value as well as resistance to water.


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